Wedding Dresses Ukiah

Pre-Shopping For The Dress

Wedding Dresses UkiahBridal GownsBefore coming in to A Touch of Class Bridal near Ukiah there are a few things you should do and things you should already have done. First and foremost, eat something before shopping! A hungry bride-to-be is not the best idea when sorting through hundreds of gowns. You definitely don’t want to be irritable when you’re trying to find the bridal dress of your dreams. But also don’t go to an all you can eat buffet with your bridal party right before your appointment. You’ll be lethargic and frankly not in the mood to try on gorgeous gowns. A light snack or small lunch is perfect.


A good tip to remember for your appointment day; it is not the day to do a full smokey eye and contour. You will be trying on expensive dresses and don’t want to get foundation or mascara on any of them. Just be cautious with the makeup near the all white and ivory lace.


Before you even make an appointment at the bridal salon you should already have ideas and designs in mind. Walking into a bridal store unprepared without any ideas of what you are looking for is going to make it a little more difficult for the consultant to assist you and will take a longer time to narrow down the options. You should not only have a few styles in mind but also a budget. Establishing a budget early on will allow your Touch of Class consultant to find dresses easier. And refrain from trying on dresses outside of your budget. If you fall in love with that dress it can be very hard to go back to a dress that is actually in your budget.

Shopping For The Dress

On the day of your appointment try not to bring an entire entourage to help you. If you have eight different people giving you eight different opinions it can be difficult to form a decision on your own. Limit your shopping group to just a few trusted people. Even though it is a great idea to bring a few people with you because they will provide opinions, you just don’t want too many clouding your judgment. Obviously at the end of the day you are the bride and it is your decision. But sometimes trying on dresses outside of your comfort zone can end up being THE dress. Humor your mom or sister or BFF and try on a dress they suggest. You never know, you might fall in love with it. And our experienced stylists at A Touch of Class Bridal have a lot of knowledge and understanding about which dresses will look best on each bride. You can rest assured once they get to know you and your style we will go shopping and help you find the dress of your dreams!


When you are trying on all these different dresses you can only tell so much by standing in front of the mirror. But think about it, is that what you will be doing at your wedding? Just standing? No, you’ll be walking, dancing, sitting and twirling. Therefore, you should try all of these movements in the dresses. If they don’t feel right when you try to twirl or sit of shimmy. It might not be the right dress. Obviously they won’t feel exactly right as they haven’t been altered to perfectly fit your body yet. But you can get a general idea.


Working With Your Bridal Consultant

Always, always, always be honest with your bridal consultant. They can not help you if you don’t offer your opinions. Saying yes to every single dress will not help narrow down the results. Just remember they did not design the dresses, it is not their wedding dress. You will not hurt their feelings by saying you don’t like a dress. We love to get no’s because it gets us closer to a yes. It will in fact actually help them. The more specific you can be with what things you like and dislike about each dress, the better idea your bridal consultant can get about which dress is right for you. You will have many silhouettes, fabrics, and embellishments to choose from and part of the process is discovering which best suits your body shape! Keep in mind these important elements when choosing your wedding dress, the venue, time of year, your budget and most of all your dream vision of how you want him to see and remember you on this special day! A Touch of Class Bridal near Ukiah has a fantastic selection of gorgeous wedding gowns and other special occasion dresses.