Wedding Dresses Near Me Fulton

Traveling With Your Wedding Dress

Wedding Dresses Near Me FultonWedding DressesAfter purchasing your wedding dress from A Touch of Class Bridal near Fulton you want to protect that dress from any harm before the big day. If you are planning on having a destination wedding transporting your dress can be one of the most stressful ideas. But luckily there is a very simple way to do this. First you can call your airline and ask them if they are willing to hang it up in a closet on the plane for you when you arrive for your flight. If not, no worries. The best way to ensure your dress gets to the location on time and unharmed is to keep it by your side at all times. This means having one completely empty carry on and using that to transport your dress.


Don’t worry about stuffing it in there and having it get wrinkled you will be able to iron it out when you get to where you’re going. You don’t want anything else in this bag except for your dress. Just be gentle when folding it in and stuffing any poof there might be. When you get to your destination ask the concierge how the best way would be to get your dress ready for your wedding . It is also wise to call ahead before you travel to see if there are dry cleaners near you that specialize in bridal dresses. Be careful…only go to a dry cleaner that is recommended by your hotel or resort.  Not all dry cleaners are savvy with wedding gowns. That way there is nothing to stress or worry about. Your wedding should be as stress free as possible. Keep in mind many resorts and hotels have staff that work with weddings and they can handle getting your gown freshened up and ready for your big day!


Finding The Right Dress

Try to remember that finding the right dress is a different experience for every bride. Dedicate a full day for dress shopping. But also know that your might find the dress within the first few dresses and some bride might take a few days to find the right one. Every bride is different and so is every bride’s dress. Shopping for wedding dresses is very exhausting not only physically from climbing in and out of hundreds of dresses. But also emotionally from trying to pick your favorites after seeing so many different options and hearing options from your closest family and friends. Don’t be sad if it takes more than one day to find the perfect dress. It will all be worth it. And our specialists at A Touch of Class Bridal are here to help you every step of the way!


Keep in mind where your wedding is being held, this will help determine what kind of dress is best for that venue. If you are having a summer outdoor wedding it probably isn’t in your best interest to wear a really heavy ballgown. You’ll be sweating like crazy before you even walk down the aisle. Knowing what season and location, indoor or outdoor, will substantially help your decision making.


When you are trying on dresses pick your favorites and take pictures and videos of yourself trying on the gowns as you are wearing them. You want to see yourself at different angles, sitting, standing and walking. Because that is what you are going to look like at your wedding. The mirror on the wall can only tell you so much, but a camera will show you what you want to see.


Don’t be afraid of wedding dresses that aren’t white. 99% of all brides will order Ivory.  It is softer on your skin tone and is very rich looking.  Many of the styles of the gowns are NOT available in white.  There are so many colored wedding dresses and they are becoming much more popular. If your Touch of Class Bridal stylist suggests an eggshell or even blush gown, don’t dismiss it right away. They are professionals for a reason and might have a good idea of what will look good on you. It is always your decision in the end but don’t dismiss ideas without trying them on.. You never know.


Dress Shop Timing

Knowing when is the right time to shop for dresses can give you a huge advantage. Similar to Goldy Locks and the three bears you don’t want to shop too early and you don’t want to shop too late, you want to shop at just the right time. Shopping for your dress too early may seem like a good idea, especially if you are someone that meticulously plans everything. Keep in mind there are two seasons in bridal.  Each season many styles are discontinued and the designers bring out the new.  But if you decide on a dress very far in advance and you know it is your gown…don’t hesitate…say YES to the dress. Yes, you might miss out on new gowns that arrive closer to your wedding date but the one you have fallen in love with is now discontinued.   If you fluctuate weight between buying the dress and the wedding day you will have to get last minute alterations. Ideally you want to start shopping about 10 months before your wedding and hopefully have your dress ordered about 6-7 months before your wedding and enjoy the process!  If you are pushing the 5 or less month mark it might be considered a rush order at that point. But our team at A Touch of Class Bridal near Fulton will always help you to fullest extent of our capabilities. Our goal is to make you look and feel beautiful on your very special day!