Wedding Dresses Napa

Wedding Dress Terminology

Wedding Dresses NapaFormal Dresses NapaWhen it comes to shopping for bridal dresses you’ve probably already collected a million pictures on your phone of different dress styles. But when you are actually at the boutique looking through hundreds of dresses it is helpful to already be familiar with some of the terms. This will allow your Touch of Class Bridal stylist to narrow down the options and make things a little easier for you. That way when she asks you if you like a particular style of dress you can give her a few ideas to start with. If you have no starting place it can take a lot longer to get results.


The Dress Silhouette

Your wedding dress silhouette is the shape of the dress on your body and there are many different kinds of silhouettes.
A-Line dresses will flare out gradually from the end of the bodice to form an A shape.
Ballgown dresses have a slim fit bodice with a long, full skirt. A timeless classic.
Sheath dresses will follow the natural shape of your body. These are going to be cut straight down.
Fit n Flare dresses are form fitting up top and flare out around the knee area.

Dress Sleeves

There are several different styles of sleeves for wedding dresses and some sleeves are going to offer you different comfort, support and obviously a different look.

  • Strapless
  • Spaghetti
  • Cap Sleeves
  • Short Sleeves
  • Straps (Variety of Widths)
  • Sleeveless
  • Three-Quarter Sleeves
  • Long Sleeves

Wedding Dress Appointments

At A Touch of Class Bridal near Napa we are open on weekends and will try to accommodate as many walk ins as we can. But appointments are much preferred. You should make sure to schedule the appointment with enough advance that everyone has time to adjust their schedules. If you want to shop when it is less busy you can try during the weekdays.

You should be scheduling these appointments months before your wedding if you want adequate time for the dress to arrive and for alterations. Ordering a dress can take about 4-7 months for it to arrive. If you are getting a dress that is already available in the store you should still account for 1-3 months for alteration time.


Wedding Dress Trains

For some ladies the train is a crucial part of the dress. This is the bottom part of the back of the dress that will be flowing behind you.


Sweep trains trail about 6 inches on the floor behind you.
Chapel trains trail about 12-18 inches on the floor. This is the most common style of train.
Cathedral trains are 22 inches or more. These are very formal and are occasionally removable to make things easier.
Semi-Cathedral trains rest halfway between chapel and cathedral trains. Can’t decide between the two? This is your winner.
Royal or Monarch trains are any trains that are a yard or more. These trains are very dramatic and require the help from flower girls.


Keep Your Wedding In Mind

When you’re trying to pick out a wedding dress it can be very overwhelming and you might find yourself liking a lot of different styles of dresses. Always keep in mind your wedding vision and how wonderful that day will be. Our bridal stylists at A Touch of Class Bridal have over 50 years worth of experience in this field. We will help you stay calm and find the perfect dress for your wedding day! When trying on wedding gowns, if all of sudden you feel great emotion and maybe a tear or two are flowing you can be confident that you have found your dress! No matter what style of wedding you are having or how long before your wedding you begin shopping, keep in mind on your special day that feeling beautiful on the inside is as important as being beautiful on the outside. Enjoy the process and you will shine on this special day.