There’s basically nothing a wedding planner won’t do you for

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January 9, 2019
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There’s basically nothing a wedding planner won’t do you for

There’s basically nothing a wedding planner won’t do for you:

…like let you spit your gum into my hand, wipe your groom’s sweaty forehead with my bare hand or hold your dress up while you pee, but most Wedding Planners according to Brides “still wouldn’t trade my job for any other job in the world!”

Take a look at these stories from some well-seasoned Wedding planners that even brought me to giggle.

1) As a wedding planner explained on Brides, she had a”father of the bride who got so drunk that he couldn’t make it through the reception.” He then chose the closest room possible – the staff room – to pass out in. That’d be okay… maybe… except for the fact that he was completely naked when he passed out.

2) Wedding planner Ashley Domingues shared her story with WPIC: “I was asked to mind the four-year-old flower girl during the photo session… She gave me about five seconds notice that she had to go to the washroom and then peed on my foot!”

3) Planner Samantha Goldberg once had to share “the sweetheart table with the bride. The groom was a politician and was too busy networking with his guests! The bride didn’t want to eat on her own and she asked me to sit with her.” As she explained to NY Daily News, “It did feel a little strange.” Connect with some of our favorite local wedding coordinatorshttps://buff.ly/2CYS1Oh

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