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John & Sommer Ehman


Married June 14, 2020

"I want to tell you a bit about John and myself (Sömmer). John was my very first boyfriend when I was 14, we dated for a year and a half. Unfortunately, I moved away and I didn't see John again for 30 years. John came back into my life in April 2018, from that moment he wanted to marry me. John had never married or had any children, he said he never found the right girl, he always thought that I was the one for him. John and I moved in together in July of 2019, and in that month, John started Chemo for stage 4colon cancer that metastasized to his liver. John did 6 months of intense chemo and finished his cycle the end of January and was told he was cured, cancer free. In June of this year 2020, John had a follow up with his doctor and he did some lab work, which showed his CEA marker was high indicating that his cancer could be back. John did another pet scan which showed the cancer was back. We were told that he now had 5 tumors in his liver and several tumors in each lung, as well as his lymph nodes. John's doctor told us that with intense chemo, John could have 1 to 3 years to live. We were devastated by the news. We decided to get married. Everyday matters, so we shouldn't waste any more time. The next day I started to prepare for our wedding. I found A Touch of Class Bridal in the phone book and set out on my journey to put together our wedding. I was met by Debbie, and Judy. They were kind and extremely helpful. They assisted me in finding a beautiful sparky belt to dress up my dress. They also assisted me in finding some amazing hair flowers, that added that finishing touch. When I was leaving, I met Rich. Who runs the tuxedo portion of the bridal boutique? He asked me when my big day and I said tomorrow. He then asked what my finance was going to wear, and I said Idk. He said bring him back and I'll fit him for a tux. So, I brought John back and he was fitted for a sharp navy-blue tux. He looked very handsome. A Touch of Class Bridal and Tuxedo Gallery are the best! They made our special day even more special. I was going to wear a white dress but nowhere as fancy and John in his tux would be. I put together our wedding in less than 24 hours. I texted our family and friends and asked everyone to meet us in Tahoe at 3pm at the Chapel of the Bells, were getting married. I received a text from my friend Melissa who said she had a fancy princess dress that she thinks would fit me, so john and I drove to her house at 10pm the night before our wedding to try on the dress, it fit! So now I had a fancy dress to wear to match John's fancy tux. Thankfully everything fell into place and John, and I had a beautiful wedding, 20 of our family and friends attended. We are sooo BLESSED! Thank you, A Touch of Class Bridal and The Tuxedo Gallery. Thank you, Rich, Judy, and Debbie, for making our day even more special."