“We love helping all types of brides because finding their perfect dream dress, is such an exciting and happy time and it is a privilege to be involved. 
Our role is to essentially help each bride navigate through the endless options of bridal gowns and make the process stress-free and enjoyable.”

Regardless of what size you are, the challenge is finding a great dress that suits your body shape and shows off your best assets.
It doesn’t matter what your shape or your what your vision looks like, our job is to help you find that perfect gown.

As a bride, you can often feel overwhelmed by all the choices, so don’t be afraid to talk to us about what you are thinking,” 
“It helps when brides let us know which parts of the dresses they do and don’t like, that way we can work together to find the perfect look and style for you.”

Here is Michelle Beresford, the top five tips for finding the perfect dress for our curvy ladies.
Read more by Michelle:  Click Here       I agree with her totally:

  1. Keep an open mind
  2. Strap Yourself In – Using Corsets
  3. Consider the fabrics
  4. Shapewear is your friend  (Shop Now)
  5. Toss the rulebook

Now enjoy the styles and designers we carry in our store for you to try on.