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Formal Gowns And Dresses

Formal Dresses - UkiahFlower Girl Dresses - UkiahYou bought your beautiful wedding dress but what are you planning on wearing after the ceremony? Do you have a reception dress picked out? What about your honeymoon? Well lucky for you A Touch of Class Bridal near Ukiah provides much more than just wedding dresses. All kinds of formal dresses are available including prom, flower girl, bridesmaid dresses and mother of the bride dresses. You will always have a go-to store for all of your formal dress needs. Any event, any occasion.


Flower Girl Dresses

Bringing your flower girl shopping with you for her dress is a great idea. Not only will this make her feel important and encourage her to perform her best at the wedding but you will also get to hear her opinions about the dress and make sure she likes it as well. Ensuring the flower girl is happy and comfortable is crucial in her performance during the ceremony. Even if her dress doesn’t exactly match your dress or any other dresses in the wedding you can always add accessories like sashes or jewelry to match the theme of the wedding.


At A Touch of Class Bridal we have all sorts of additions to compliment the dresses; big bows of any color, small ribbons or even a flower. We have different styles for the little princesses, from lots of tulle to satin and even feathers. Whatever you have in mind we can help you find. But don’t forget to keep the season in mind, you don’t want a freezing or sweltering flower girl dumping petals in heaps down the aisle because she’s miserable. Make sure to either add tights or a cute cardigan if it will be cold and light dresses for the summer. And even though you and your bridesmaids might be wearing cute heels it is not ideal for a younger flower girl to wear similar shoes. Make sure she is wearing comfortable shoes to walk down the aisle in and it won’t be difficult for her to walk and dance in.


Mother Of The Bride/Groom Dresses

Mom will be sure to find the perfect dress for any special occasion with the perfect color, sparkling embellishment, flattering gathers, or feminine ruffles. A Touch of Class Bridal offers a wide selection of sizes and over 65 colors, so mom will be sure to find the perfect dress. Just as every bride is unique in her own way so is every mother of the bride or groom. Therefore having the brides mother and the grooms mother in matching dresses might not be for everyone but having similar styles or colors is a great idea. In fact, shopping and deciding on both dresses at the same time is even better and allows for the bride to help choose based on her wedding theme and colors. The mothers are a very important part of the wedding, after all there wouldn’t even be a wedding without them. We have so many gorgeous dresses to choose from there will be no issue finding the mother of the bride the dress of her dreams. It is important that you start early…it takes 10-12 weeks to order your special dress.  Keep in mind the earlier you order the more choices you have.  We also have an entire wall dedicated to jackets to go along with the dresses. Available in different lengths, coverage and sleeve preferences.


Prom Dresses

Whom ever you decide to go prom dress shopping with; your mom, dad, or best friend make sure they take lots of pictures in all the different dresses so that you can look them over later. This will also give you a better idea of what the dress will look like in your prom photos. There are several things you should pay attention to when you are shopping for the perfect prom dress. Consider the neckline, color, sleeves (if any), length and all the different styles available. Certain styles look better on different people with different body types. Make sure to try on all kinds of dresses even if you think they won’t look good.


Our professional consultants have many years of experience in this field. You never know, you might end up loving a style you thought you hated. And don’t forget about any jewelry or accessories you want to wear that night. Consider different hair styles for different styles of dresses as well. Bringing a hair tie and clips with you will allow you to try these different style at the boutique with all the prom dresses.


At A Touch of Class Bridal near Ukiah we understand the trouble of ordering a dress for prom only to wonder if another girl is wearing it also at your school. We cannot guarantee someone else is not going to be wearing the same dress but the new way to keep tabs on others and what they are wearing is to create a prom dress board for your school so everyone can upload the dress they choose.  You can put a picture of you in the dress or a picture of the model wearing your dress off the internet or out of the catalog. I learned this year from many of the gals it works perfect!  Try It!