Bridesmaid Dresses Ukiah

The Day Of Bridesmaid Shopping

Bridesmaid Dresses UkiahBridesmaids Dresses In UkiahThere is so much planning and preparation that goes into getting ready for a wedding ceremony, like the wedding dress, the color scheme and the food. The bridesmaids are a very important part of the wedding so their dresses should be just as important. But it’s all worth it for the experience and the end result. After you have made your appointment, it’s time to actually go shopping with your bridesmaids for their dresses. And our professional stylists at A Touch of Class Bridal near Ukiah will help each and every bridesmaid find the perfect dress to make you look and feel your very best! There are a few things everyone in the bridal party should keep in mind during this day that will help everything go smoothly.

What To Bring Bridesmaid Shopping

When your whole party arrives at the boutique there’s this adrenaline rush of excitement and thrill when you’re going through all the different gowns and dresses. There’s different colors and fabrics and designs. It can be very overwhelming and might make you forget about the mission at hand. Before you get in a wedding daze and even before you arrive at A Touch of Class Bridal, there are some things all the ladies in the bridal party should bring with them.


First and foremost all the ladies should wear comfortable and suitable undergarments. Packing a strapless bra with you will help out when trying on different styles of dresses. And leaving the neon colored underwear at home might be a good idea as well. Come prepared as if it’s the day of the wedding, it will really help to give all the dresses an authentic look. Wearing what you are going to wear at the wedding really helps to give a better idea of how the dress will look and feel. If you have a larger bridal party it might be a good idea to bring robes. Boutiques in general don’t have a large amount of fitting rooms so your ladies will have to take turns and bringing along robes will help out during the changing process exponentially!


Hair accessories are not essential but a good idea to bring along. Small elastics or clips will not only help keep hair out of zippers but will also let you and your bridesmaids experiment with different hairstyles in different dresses. Some dress styles will look better with an updo while other might look better with their hair down. The better idea you and your ladies can get in the store, the easier it will be to decide on dresses.


Different Bridesmaids, Different Dresses

All ladies are unique and different in their own way and the same goes for their dresses. Not all styles of dresses will look the same on each one of your bridesmaids and that is important to keep in mind. It’s alright for your ladies to get different styles of dresses; you can match the color and fabric so everything will flow nicely. At A Touch of Class Bridal near Ukiah we have such a wide variety of dresses that there is no doubt about finding the perfect dress for each of your special ladies! Come visit us today and see everything that we have to offer.