Why you should always buy wedding and prom dresses in person

Why you should always buy wedding and prom dresses in person. Mobile Image

Jan 09, 2019

Online Wedding Dress Purchase Disasters and Why you should always buy wedding and prom dresses in person. 

Ever thought of ordering your dream Wedding Gown online?
Did you find that perfect dress on Pinterest that you can only purchase sight unseen from a label that you have never heard of?
Are you looking to save some money that those fancy Boutique Bridal stores don't allow for?
Low maintenance Bride? If this sounds like you I want to share some online Wedding Dress Disasters.

These are real photos of some beautiful Ladies that were taken advantage of from online scams.
DON'T LET THIS BE YOU!!!! I am all for online shopping.
Don't get me wrong, I love a good deal as much as the next person, but I have limits to what I consider a good deal or not.
Most Boutique's ( like ours...) carry many Beautiful Designer Gowns at great prices.
You can find an amazing gown within your budget by doing a little research.

Sight unseen on any Wedding Gown is extremely risky and not recommended. Before you say " of course she would say that"... 
She works for a Bridal Salon...Yes, I work for a Boutique Bridal Salon and Yes...I am hoping that you will come in and shop our many beautiful gowns, but that's not why I am writing this.  Many knock--off companies will take the original pictures off a designers web site and then make a pattern from the picture not the real gown.   Take a moment to peruse the pictures below of real-life Wedding Gown Disasters, that real brides had to endure and ultimately buy a brand new gown without any hope of recouping their original investment.

So Brides... Shop careful, Shop safe and for Heaven's Sake enjoy this experience.
If all goes right it will be the only Wedding Gown you will ever purchase; make it completely all about you.