The Ivory vs. White Wedding Gown Debate...Does it really matter?

The Ivory vs. White Wedding Gown Debate...Does it really matter?. Mobile Image

Nov 30, 2018

The color white has always been associated with purity and innocence.
But it was actually Queen Victoria who started the trend of wearing a white dress to the wedding
when she did so on her own wedding day.

Now days Choosing a wedding dress that complements your natural skin tone is the secret to looking your best on your wedding day.
When deciding whether to go for an ivory or a white wedding dress, skin tone should be your number one priority and consideration.

The clear white is the purest and brightest form of white.
It is an excellent color for dark-skinned women or women who are light-skinned with yellow undertones (olive or ivory skin).

However White and Ivory are not the only colors on the Bridal Gown market these days. Rum pink is a newer popular choice for women. It has pink undertones but when photographed it can look like a clear white dress. Another popular alternative is champagne. It is a delicate color with a yellow undertone that is similar to a deep ivory.
If you want to try out these colors, see how you look and feel when you are wearing it.

At a Touch of class bridal, we have a large assortment of colors and accents that I am sure you will find the hue that suits you.
Come in today to determine what shade is your most flattering.