4 Must Wedding Etiquette's to Follow

4 Must Wedding Etiquette's to Follow

4 Must Wedding Etiquette's to Follow. Mobile Image

Dec 01, 2018

Here are just a few of the common questions answered regarding
the do's and don't s of your big day and 4 must Wedding Etiquette's to follow.

1) Who gets to bring a date?
You should extend a plus one to anyone who is in a committed relationship, whether married, engaged, or in a live-in partnershipeven if you havent met the other half. You are not obligated to give single guests and guests who are involved in more casual relationships the option to bring a date. You do, however, want to be consistent and avoid making exceptions.

2) Am I Expected to Invite All of My Coworkers?
You do not have to invite everyone you work with, but try to pick a logical dividing line, like your division or team, so people dont feel excluded. Treat any invited coworkers as you would friends, and invite them outside of work.
Mail invitations to their home addresses and discuss wedding plans outside of the office.

3) How Do I Deal With Guests Who Ask to Bring Kids Even After Weve Made It Clear They're Not Invited?
You have to nip this in the bud. Call the guest (even if theyve contacted you through another medium, like email) and kindly, but firmly explain that the invitation was just for the adults and that you hope they can still attend. Dont make exceptionsits not fair to other guests who respect your wishes. You can, however, invite the flower girl and the ring bearer without being hypocritical.

4) How Long Do I Have to Send a Thank-You Note?
Though its best to send a thank-you note as soon as possible, you have approximately three months to express your gratitude. If the three-month time frame has elapsed, send any lingering thank-you notes as soon as possible. Sending an email or putting a generic thanks on social media, your wedding website, or anywhere else does not replace a handwritten note

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