About Us

A Touch of Class Bridal is a creative bridal outlet that has your bridal party in mind! It is hard to ask friends and family to spend money on one of the most important days of your life, but you want them to be a part of it!



3 Ways We Save You and Your Bridal Party Money

  • Making most Bridesmaid gowns under $200 and Mother’s gowns under $300!
  • Bridesmaid and Mother’s Dresses are discounted when you purchase two or more.
  • Our Bridal Gown prices include Freight, Initial Steam, and Bag.
    • A savings value of $100+
  • Purchase your Bridesmaid and/or your Mother’s Dresses with us and receive a Special Gift Certificate from The Tuxedo Gallery. $70 Off Any Tuxedo or Suit Rental
  • FREE Suit for the Groom…when you rent 7 or more tuxedos for your party!
    • The Suit Retails at $899 and it is yours to keep!


The four cornerstones for all dress decisions made

  • Quality – Rich fabrics, beautiful colors, & minor alterations to assure the fit.
  • Style – Bridal silhouettes to enhance your unique beauty & cute, stylish,
    up to date colors for bridesmaids and mothers.
  • Savings – Each package, bridal, bridesmaid or mothers has a significant value in savings
    for each member of your party.
  • Service – Twenty Years of experience and understanding your bridal party needs.


Benefits of Working with A Touch of Class Bridal

  • All Bridal Gowns include shipping cost, initial steam, and a cloth mesh bag with the purchase price…
    No Hidden Fees!
  • Our Bridesmaids and Mothers Dresses are discounted when you order two or more making all gowns affordable!
  • Our friendly and experienced service is based around the idea of saving your friends and family money, time, and stress! Our goal is to help you find the perfect gown no matter what your role is in the bridal party.
  • When you say “I do” come to see what we do!